Johannes Heil

  • Country: Frankfurt / GER
  • Labels: Figure / JH Records

The initial spark for Heil’s career was his encounter with the „Kanzleramt“ in Bad Nauheim, a small techno-bistro launched by DJ Heiko Laux in the beginning of the 90s. Later on the label Kanzleramt was founded, plattform for Heil’s first productions. In 1998, he released „Paranoid Dancer“, taken from the album „Reality To MIDI“. It was a huge success and to this day is considered one of the early techno classics. In 1999 he produced another hit with „Calling“. His trademark in the early years was a hard and driving techno sound, making a big impact on dancefloors all over the world. But Heil is a complex character and he doesn’t fit into any scheme either as a person or as a musician. His rather pensive temper manifests itself in his music: with every album he offers a reflection of his soul, using musical devices as diverse as techno, breakbeats or ambient. His music can be slow or fast, with dark and soulful elements as well as happy, danceable basslines. Over the years, Johannes has discovered many facets of electronic music and used them in his numerous releases on Klang Elektronik, Datapunk or his own labels JH Records, Metatron and Shit Happens. His latest album „Loving“ on Cocoon Recordings embraces 15 years of making music and combines influences from different cultures and musical styles. „…this voyage to the beginnings of electronic dance music, ranging from Modern Detroit and Hightech-Soul to House, starts in the depth of my heart.“ (Johannes Heil, 2010)